Nov 112016

Safety Pin

I’ve been torn up the past few days about what I could do that would have any kind of impact. I was inspired yesterday by those who had taken up wearing safety pins and sharing #safetypin to voice their support as allies to anyone who feels unsafe.

I created this design as I felt I needed a louder voice, something I could wear or carry with me that would be visible from across a room that says, “I will do my best to provide a safe space to anyone who is in need- I will not stand idly by while acts of hate are being committed- I am here to make a difference.”

100% of sales of this design will be donated to the ACLU

Use code FREESHIP01efe0 for free shipping on all orders over $45 US / $80 International.

I’ve also been updating all my profile pics to the image below, you are free to use it as well.

 Safety Pin Profile Pic

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